Dual Language Specialty

Experience Dual Language

Dual language is a form of bilingual education that teaches students literacy and content in two languages. Students enrolled in Irving Dual Language Elementary School receive instruction 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in Spanish.

Each quarter of the school year, students rotate which subjects they learn in English and which subjects they learn in Spanish. For example, first quarter some students may learn math in English and science in Spanish. The next quarter, these same students would rotate so they would learn math in Spanish and science in English. Regardless of which language students learn the content in, teachers continue to be diligent in helping all students comprehend the curriculum.

Benefits of a Dual Language School

  • Students learn a second language while enhancing their first.

  • Students will speak, read, write, and achieve in both languages.

  • Students will become fully biliterate.

  • Students will gain an appreciation for other cultures.

Commitment to Learning and Language Acquisition

The staff at Irving Dual Language Elementary School are committed to helping students master the Iowa Core standards of curriculum, which are taught at all schools in the District. At the same time, students acquire language skills in English and Spanish. The approach to teaching the curriculum in a dual language school is innovative and research-based, and has proven successful in schools throughout the world.

Parent and Guardian Engagement

Students benefit most from a dual language school experience if they remain enrolled from kindergarten through fifth grade. To maximize the benefits of dual language acquisition, parents are encouraged to enroll students in dual language courses in middle school and high school.

Support students in the dual language experience by:

  • Ensuring daily attendance

  • Reading together daily

  • Engaging in the education experience

  • Volunteering in the classroom

  • Attending school functions

  • Maintaining communication with teachers

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Language

Will my child be confused learning in two languages?
No. Studies have shown that children have no difficulty keeping languages separate.

Are there any additional costs for students enrolled in the dual language specialty school?
No. Any Iowa student can enroll in Irving Dual Language Elementary School at no cost to the parent/guardian.

Do the parents/guardians need to be bilingual?
No. Parents/guardians should continue to speak their first language at home. School personnel will provide support in the second language.

How will my child demonstrate mastery of the content when learning in two separate languages?
The skills and content students learn transfer from one language to the other seamlessly.

If I do not live in the Irving Dual Language Elementary School boundary area, can I still enroll my child?
Yes. Parents/guardians of students in the Sioux City Community School District should complete the “Within the District Transfer” form. Parents/guardians of students not enrolled in the Sioux City Community School District should complete an “Open Enrollment” form. Both forms allow parents/guardians the opportunity to request Irving as their child’s attendance center. If classroom space is available at Irving, then transfers may be approved in accordance with Board Policy 501.8 and the 281-Iowa Administra􀆟ve Code 7.4 (1).